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Start here in your coming out journey. We'll help you figure out if you are a lesbian or bisexual, what coming out means, and offer tips for coming out. You can also read success stories of other lesbians who have come out of the closet. Whether you're coming out to yourself as lesbian or bisexual or if you're planning on telling someone in your life, this coming out advice will help you in your coming out process.
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Am I a Lesbian?

Coming out is the process of discovering if you are lesbian or bisexual, accepting it and then sharing that knowledge with others. Figuring out if you are lesbian or bisexual is the first step of your coming out process and not necessarily an easy one. Here are some articles that will help you answer the question, "Am I a lesbian?"

Coming Out Advice

Here you will learn about what it means to be a lesbian or bisexual, how to figure out if you are lesbian or bisexual and learn how to deal with this issue with your family and friends.

Teen Coming Out Stories

Your teen years are a time of discovery. Figuring out your sexuality is one process of discovery that many teens go through. Reading other stories from other teens about what they went through coming out as lesbian or bisexual can help.

Married Women Coming Out Stories

Some women start to figure out they are lesbian or bisexual after they have been married. Married women, especially those with children have a unique journey in coming out of the closet. Here are some stories of lesbians and bisexual women who have come out after marriage and lived to share their stories with us.

Lesbian/Bisexual Coming Out Stories

Rally at Oregon Capitol for Gay Rights

Every one who comes out has a unique story to tell. Yet, there are many similarities in our stories. Here are some coming out stories from women that I think will be helpful to you as you try to figure out if you are lesbian or not, or simply how to tell those around you that you are.

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