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Real Coming Out Stories

True Tales from Lesbians and Bisexual Women


Coming out of the closet can be one of the most empowering thing a gay, lesbian or bisexual person does in his/her lifetime. Coming out can mean admitting your sexual orientation to yourself, telling your parents or, in the case of some lesbian and gay celebrities, telling the whole world.

If you are just coming out, reading other's stories can give you courage to take your next step. You can gain some knowledge from how others coped with their situations. You can see that you are not alone in your struggle.

If you have been out for years, perhaps reading a story will take you back and make you realize how far you've come. If you think your story has something valuable to offer, send it to me. As the stories come in, we will add them here.

Here are a few true stories from women just like you, that I hope help and inspire you.

Is coming out easier when you have lesbian moms? Nicole's coming out story answers this question.

Dawn had deal with age difference in her first lesbian relationship.

Barbra came out while stationed in the Navy.

Anna's Coming Out Story: Self Acceptance

The Gift That I Gave My Father: Essence's Coming Out Story.

Kara's Story: A Mormon Comes Out of the Closet

So Natural, So Right: The Story of a Lesbian's First Time

Aolani prayed to no longer be a lesbian.

Ravit came out in the Israeli Army.

Tia came out in her conservative Asian American family.

Nikki is a lesbian cheerleader who came out of the closet

Jo was "outed" to her whole school.

Jasmine wanted to share her story with others struggling with their identity.

Dana came out loud to her high school.

Rizz wondered, will my mother accept me?

Genevieve cried her way out of the closet

Kaleena was terrified to come out in her small Georgia town.

Do you have a coming out story to share? Send it to me!

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