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Coming out to Your Husband: Real Lesbians' Stories

How to Come Out to Your Husband


Are you married and thinking about coming out to your husband? If you are in love with a woman or want to be involved with women, but are married to a man, what do you do? How do you break it to your husband that you are a lesbian?

Here are some stories from women who did just that. They were married and knew that their attraction to women was strong enough that they would have to leave their marriage and tell their husbands that they were lesbian or bisexual.

Wendy's Story
Wendy knew that her marriage was over, her attraction to women was only part of the reason she left her husband. Here is how she told him and how he reacted.

Dana's Story
Dana knew she was a lesbian in high school, but she suppressed those feelings, hoping they would go away. She married a man, but eventually fell in love with a woman. Here is how Dana came out to her husband of eight years and father of her two children.

Wen's Story
When Wen realized she was attracted to women, she told her husband. He gave his blessing for her to pursue dating women. Here is how Wen's story turned out.

Kim's Story
Kim and her husband have an agreement. She is married with a lesbian lover on the side.

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