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Real Lesbian Coming Out Stories

Read coming out stories from lesbian teens and bisexual women. These are the real and true stories of lesbians who have come out of the closet.
  1. Myra Jane Coming Out

How did you come out to your parents?
How did you come out to your parents? Share your story.

Rose's Coming Out Story - More than Friends - My First Time
Rose slowly developed feelings for her best friend over several years. This is her story of coming out, discovering lesbian love for the first time.

Out of Africa - Lesbian Coming Out Story from Kenya
A lesbian from Kenya tells her coming out story. Coming out as lesbian in Africa.

Coming Out to Adult Children - Tawny's Coming Out Story
Tawny came out after she raised her four children. Here is is story of learning to accept herself and to tell her children.

Cynthia's Coming Out Story
Cynthia identified as bisexual for a long time before she ever dated a woman. Here is Cynthia's coming out story.

Gay in the Bible Belt
How hard is it to be gay in a small town in the Bible Belt?

Dinelle's Coming Out Story - A Story of First Love
Dinelle's first love was a woman she met when she was 15. Here is Dinelle's coming out story.

Hollie’s Coming Out Story
Hollie came out to her mother in a note she slipped under her door. Here is Hollie's story of coming out as bisexual.

Sophie's Coming Out Story
Sophie loves two things, football and women. This is Sophie's lesbian coming out story.

Isabel’s coming out story
For 16 year old Isabel, even though it is sometimes hard, she is go glad she came out as a lesbian to her classmates and friends. Here is Isabel's coming out story.

Mom of a Bi Girl Tells her Story
A mother of a bisexual teen wrote in to tell her daughter's coming out story. Here's the bi teens story from her mom.

Rizz’s Lesbian Coming Out Story
Rizz's mother had a hard time accepting her when she came out as a lesbian.

Genevieve’s coming out story
Genevieve cried and cried when she came out of the closet. Here is her lesbian coming out story.

Chris's Coming Out Story
Chris was married for years before she finally realized she was a lesbian. Here is Chris' story of coming out as a lesbian.

Christina - A Married Lesbian's Story
After Christina came out as a lesbian to her husband, they decided to stay married for the children's sake.

A Georgia Lesbian Comes Out
Kaleena was terrified to come out to her mom as a lesbian, but she finally did. Here is Kaleena's story: a Georgia Lesbian.

Jasmine's Coming Out Story
Jasmine came out as a lesbian and has some advice for others who are also coming out as gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Out Loud: Dana's Coming Out Story
Dana wanted to make a big statement when she came out of the closet as a teen lesbian. In her own words, here is Dana's coming out story: Out Loud.

Lesbian Coming Out Stories
Lesbians and bisexual women come out of the closet and tell their true stories here in the Lesbian Life Coming Out Gallery.

Coming Out to Your Husband: Real Life Stories
What happens when you come out to your husband that you are lesbian or bisexual? Here are some stories from women who have come out to their husbands.

So Natural, So Right: A Lesbian's First Time
Guest writer Myra LaVenue shares her coming out story, her first lesbian experience.

Married and Lesbian: Kim's Story
Some women come out after they are married. Kim came out to her husband as a lesbian and decided to stay married to him. It works out for both of them.

Aolani's Coming Out Story
Here's a real lesbian coming out story submitted by Aolani of Columbia, SC.

A Lesbian Cheerleader Comes Out: Nikki's Story
Here's a coming out story from a teen lesbian cheerleader. Read Nikki's story.

Ravit's Coming Out Story
Ravit, stationed in the Israel Army, was forced to come out to her mother.

Tia's Coming Out Story
Tia's Asian-American mom is in denial about her being a lesbian, but her sisters and brother have come to accept her.

Teen Lesbian Story: How I Was Outed to the Whole School
Here's the story of one teen lesbian who was outed to her whole school and how she dealt with the situation.

Coming Out to Your Husband: Wendy's Story
Wendy came out to her husband when she decided to end their marriage.

Coming Out to Your Husband: Dana's Story
Dana shares her personal experience of what it was like to come out as lesbian to her husband.

Coming Out to Your Husband: One Woman's Story
How do you come out as a lesbian or bisexual to your husband? Here is how one woman came out to her husband.

Lesbian Coming Out Stories: Micah's Story
Micah has a funny story of how she came out as a lesbian to her mother.

Lesbian in the Navy: A Coming Out Story
Barbra came out in the US Navy before "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." She saw her fellow lesbians be discharged for being gay in the military.

Dawn's Coming Out Story: A tale of Age Differences
Here's Dawn's lesbian coming out story: it's a tale of age differences in lesbian relationships and self acceptance.

Lesbian Coming Out Stories: Nicole
Even though Nicole had lesbian mothers, coming out for her was a challenge.

Lesbian Coming Out Story: Kara
Here is the lesbian coming out story of Kara, who experienced discrimination from her Mormom community when she came out.

Lesbian Coming Out Story: Essence
Essence's lesbian coming out story.

Lesbian Coming Out Story: Anna
Anna's lesbian coming out story.

Lesbian Life Submission Guidelines
Would you like to submit a photo or coming out story to Lesbian Life? Here's how.

How did You Know You Were a Lesbian?
How did you figure it out that you were a lesbian? Did you struggle with your sexual orientation, or did you just know? Tell us how you figured out that you were lesbian or bisexual.

For Chelsea is Does Get Better
Chelsea shares her coming out story, what it's like to come out in rural Texas and move to Alabama and finally find acceptance.

Krysta Comes Out as Lesbian after Being Married
Krysta was married to a man, but finally came out as a lesbian and wants everyone to know her story.

Jessica M's Coming out Story
Jessica had crushes on women and dated guys. Finally she figured it out that she is a lesbian. She shares her coming out story with us.

Questioning Her Sexuality
A woman is questioning her sexuality and wonders how to approach women.

Turned Upside Down
One woman share her journey and struggle with us. Her husband is her best friend and biggest supporter, yet she knows she is a lesbian. She doesn't want to hurt him, but she must be true to herself.

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