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Famous Lesbians and Bisexual Women

Here's where you find out more about famous lesbians in history, celebrities, actresses, musicians, writers, politicians, activists and more.
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  2. Artists/Writers/Et (47)
  3. Lesbian Actors (73)
  4. Lesbian Musicians (46)
  5. Lesbians In Sports (19)
  6. Lesbians in History (19)

Famous Lesbians with Breast Cancer
Famous lesbian women who have recovered from breast cancer.

Lesbians to Follow on Twitter
I love Twitter. For me, it's a mix of breaking news, political commentary, activism alerts and random silliness. Here is a list of lesbians I like to follow on Twitter.

Famous Lesbians and Bisexual Women
This list of famous lesbians and bisexual women includes celebrities, actors, politicians, comedians, authors, musicians, athletes and activists.

Tammy Baldwin: Out Lesbian Congresswoman
Tammy Baldwin is the only out lesbian in the United States Congress. Tammy Baldwin is a representative from Wisconsin. Tammy Baldwin has served in Congress since 1999.

Famous Lesbian Couples
This is a photo gallery of famous lesbian couples and stories of how they met and fell in love.

Hottest Lesbian Couples of 2006
Who are the hottest lesbians couples of 2006? Here are my picks for the hottest lesbians couples this year.

Hottest Lesbians of 2005
The hottest lesbians of 2005. What lesbians made the to 10 list of hot lesbians? Here are my top picks.

List of Famous Lesbians
There's plenty of rumors about who is and who isn't gay or lesbian. These lesbian and bisexual celebrities have all either come out as lesbian or bisexual, or their biographers are pretty certain about their sexual orientation.

Famous Lesbian Mothers
A photo gallery of famous lesbian mothers.

Lesbian Love Quotes
What are some of the world's most famous lesbians saying about love? Take a look at these lesbian love quotes from famous lesbians and lesbian celebrties

Dana Goldberg 2013 - Crossing the Line

Alexandra Hedison and Jodie Foster Marry

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