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Chely Wright & Lauren Blitzer

Chely Wright & Lauren Blitzer are Engaged


Chely Wright & Lauren Blitzer

Chely Wright & Lauren Blitzer

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Who is Chely Wright?

Chely Wright is a country music singer who came out in 2010 after spending many years in the closet, afraid of losing her music career.

Who is Lauren Blitzer?

Lauren Blitzer is the co-author (with Lauren Levin) of Same Sex in the City: So Your Prince Charming Is Really a Cinderella. She is the development director at Faith in America, an organization dedicated to ending religious based bigotry toward LGBT people. Chely Wright is on their Board of Directors.

How did they meet?

Chely and Lauren met shortly after Chely publicly came out as a lesbian. Both have been involved in Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and in Faith in America.


Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer announced their engagement in April 2011 and were legally married in Connecticut in August 2011.


Chely Wright announced that she and her wife, Lauren Blitzer-Wright are expecting twins in the summer of 2013. Chely will be carrying the twins.

Quotes from Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer

Chely Wright's rep told people magazine, "They met through their youth advocacy work, and say that their passion for Scrabble holds them together."

Chely Wright told Lesbian Life in an interview about her relationship with Lauren: "Every day I can’t believe it. It’s such a joy to have such a great lady and the beauty of freedom reveals itself to me in a time release fashion.

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