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Nikki Weiss and Jill Goldstein

Lesbian Couple from The Real L Word


Nikki & Jill of The Real L Word

Jill and Nikki of The Real L Word

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Who Are Nikki and Jill?

Nikki Weiss and Jill Goldstein are a lesbian couple featured in The Real L Word, a reality TV show on Showtime. Nikki is a talent rep for TV and film and Jill is a writer. Together they are producing a documentary film based on the book Sexual Fluidity by Lisa Diamond.

Where did they meet?

Nikki and Jill knew each other when they were kids at summer camp. Nikki dated Jill’s brother. They reconnected 25 years later via a camp website.

Why they agreed to do The Real L Word?

Nikki and Jill agreed to have their lives filmed for four months because they hoped they could show the world a loving, healthy lesbian relationship. From Zap2it "After Nikki asked my father for permission to marry me, he said he needed a minute," Jill says. "He spent a week and a half with us and really got to know us as a couple and the whole gay thing just slipped away. I thought, 'What if we could do this on a larger scale?'"

Nikki told Velvet Park "Jill and I were hoping to make a difference for those struggling with the acceptance of themselves or their friends and family."

Jill added, "We don't want to be famous. Our intentions are so honest in just wanting to tell a story about two very normal women in love."


Much of the show's focus on the couple is about their wedding plans. Jill and Nikki will be married in October 2010.
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