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Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2005

Lesbian & Bisexual Presents


Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2005
It’s the holiday season again and time to buy a gift for the special lesbian or bisexual woman on your list. Not sure where to begin? Here are some gift ideas for lesbian and bisexual women this holiday season.
  • Lesbian Calendar 2006

    Everyone can use a calendar and this sexy, fun and artistic lesbian calendar is our top pick for 2006. The illustration photo collages are beautiful and classy. Get one for every dyke on your list.

  • G-Spot Jingle

    A sex gift needs to be included every year. I've had so much email and questions about the G-Spot and female ejaculation this year, I was excited to see Babeland is offering a special package for those of you who want to explore G-Spot play. Comes complete with a vibrator, wand, lube and an instruction manual.

  • The L Word: The Complete Second Season

    What can I say? Every lesbian I know wants to watch and re-watch Alice and Dana acting out their Love Boat fantasies. Get her this and snuggle up for hours of lesbian drama and entertainment.

  • HRC Partner Pendant

    The Human Rights Campaign is working hard so we have the right to love whom we please. Give her this pendant and she will know that you're committed to her and to keeping up the good fight for your right to be a couple.

  • I Heart Shane T-Shirt

    Sure she loves The L Word, we all do. But there's something about Shane that makes her heart go pitter pat.

  • Leatherman Charge XTi Multi-Tool

    Every dyke needs a good tool and this Leatherman has it all! Titanium handles, needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, knifes, a saw and much, much more. She'll feel complete with this on her belt!

  • Sheryl Swoopes Jersey

    She's the greatest women's basketball player of all time and she plays on our team! Show your athletic and and lesbian pride with a Sheryl Swoopes jersey. And let's show the WNBA that an out lesbian can still sell lots of jerseys!!

  • Brooklyn Industries Messenger Bag

    This small company makes some great clothing and accessories. My favorite is the medium messenger bag. It's water resistant, big enough for a lap top and comes in eight colors. Buy a BI bag for the bi girl on the go!

  • Curve Magazine

    For fifteen years, Curve Magazine has been publishing great lesbian content. Curve has a little something for every lesbian: celebrity interviews, fashion advice, political information, book and music reviews and sagely advice from columnists Lipstick & Dipstick.

  • Glamorist Watch

    For the femme on your list. This unique watch tells the time and hides a tiny mirror and lipstick under the face. She's gonna love it!

  • Dyke Duck

    I didn't know whether to be scared or charmed by this unique item. At the very least the Dyke Duck will make a great white elephant gift. This rubber dykie will liven up her bathtime.

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