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Lesbian Avengers - Lesbian Activist Organization


Definition: The Lesbian Avengers are lesbian activist groups with chapters around the world. The Lesbian Avengers were formed in 1992 in New York City, an off-shoot of the group Act Up.

The Lesbian Avengers are known for their campy direct action and street theater tactics. The purpose of the group is to identify and promote lesbian issues and perspectives while empowering lesbians to become experienced organizers who can participate in political rebellion.

Lesbian Avengers are known for being radical - one of their signature events is to "eat fire" while chanting, "The fire will not consume us — we take it and make it our own." Another Lesbian Avenger chant is "Ten percent is not enough! Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!" The Lesbian Avengers has no national chapter, but is made up of groups all around the globe. In many cities, the Lesbian Avengers organize the annual Dyke March. The Lesbian Avengers are known for being open to all dykes, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.

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