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Top 10 Best Lesbian Blogs


I learn so much from other people's blogs. My top picks for lesbian blogs offer political insight, entertainment, financial advice, a mother's perspective and good writing about issues of importance to the gay and lesbian community. Here are my picks for the best lesbian blogs.

1. Pams House Blend

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Pam is on the pulse. She's usually one of the first to post about important issues in the glbt community. Depending on who you talk to she is "vicious anti-Christian lesbian activist" or the best blogger for the LGBT community.

2. Mombian

For the lesbian moms out there, and even those of us who aren't parents, Mombian is a great site with tons of resources: book and toy reviews, travel tips for lesbian moms, health and safety news and even recipes for vegan cake. And Mombian is host to the annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day. Check out Mombian, even if you aren't a mom.

3. Jasmyne Cannick

Jasmyne Cannick is part of the new generation of blogging activists, who challenges not just the homophobic straight world, but shines a bright light on the racism, sexism and hypocrisy within the gay community. She is part of the community that is challenging among other things, the racism of "blackface" gay performer Shirley Q. Liquor and the gay community's condemnation of Isaiah Washington.

4. Rosie

Rosie O'Donnell may be gone from The View, but you can still keep up with her on her blog. I love Rosie's blog because it's a great mix of political rants, her unique poetry and videos of things like baby bird nests.

5. The Other Mother

The Other Mother is more of a tradition "mom" blog than Mombian. You'll find kid photos, stories of trips to visit relatives and vacations and handy tidbits for queer parents.

6. Good As You: G.A.Y.

A great blog. Fun to read. Takes pokes at politics, celebrities and the media. Gay and lesbian centric. From Jeremy Hooper, site editor, "Our tone is light, but our message is firm: We will not sit back and be led to a society that favors discrimination over diversity."

7. Queer Cents

Who thought I would be addicted to a blog about finance? But I love this blog. Queer Cents offers great tips for getting out of debt, investing, retirement and dealing with money in relationships. But my favorite thing about the blog is its "10 Money Questions", where they ask celebrities different questions about how money has impacted their lives. Brilliant.

8. Kate Clinton Communikate

If you've ever seen comedian Kate Clinton you know a few things about her. She's brilliant, she loves words and she stays on top of politics. If you like Kate Clinton's stand up act, you'll love her blog. If you've never heard of this pioneer of feminist humor, check her out. You'll laugh and become educated all at the same time.

9. Best Lesbian Week Ever

If there's a lesbian or bisexual in Hollywood, AfterEllen.com is all over them. If there's a lesbian kiss on TV or a new movie with a bisexual character, AfterEllen.com will give you the scoop.

10. Lesbian Dad

Lesbian Dad was voted best new blog by the 2006 Weblog Awards. Like the Other Mother, Lesbian Dad is written by a non-biological lesbian mom, but Lesbian Dad focuses on those lesbian moms who "traditionally female titles (i.e., “mother”) don’t quite fit."
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