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Julie Goldman Interview - An Interview with Lesbian Comedian Julie Goldman


Julie Goldman

Julie Goldman

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Updated June 12, 2012
Julie Goldman has been an out lesbian stand-up comedian for ten years and is now part of the cast of Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show. I had the chance to speak to her while she was driving between New York and Washington, D.C., on her way to visit her wife who just got a job there.

Lesbian Life: Of course I am nervous interviewing you because you are the queen of celesbian interviewers.
Julie: (laughs) That’s hilarious.

Obviously, I’ve been watching your Celesbian Interviews on AfterEllen. You are hysterical off the cuff and I wonder, how do you do that?
Julie: I don’t know to answer that question. It must just be the inner asshole in me. The whole thing started because we wanted to poke fun at the self-importance of celebrity and show biz and all that. We’ve been having a really good time satirizing ourselves.

I understand you are married.
Julie: Yes, I was married in 2005. Technically we got married in Canada, but we did have a wedding in Massachusetts. Both our families are from Massachusetts. It was easier to bring everyone together. But because we’re not residents of Massachusetts, it doesn’t count.

Let’s face it, you’re a big ol’ butch lesbian.
Julie: I don’t know, what do you mean! (laughs)

Has it been hard for you to get roles?
Julie: Yeah. It’s been hard.

Logo Good for Out Gay Performers

With stations like Logo coming into being, that must have been great for your career…
Julie: Yeah, amazing. I never, ever saw that coming. It’s been so helpful for my career. It’s given so may gay, out performers who can’t hide that they’re gay a chance. Hopefully it will be a great springboard for people like me who can’t hide it so well. Nor should we have to.

Did you have any role models that you looked up to as actors or comedians?
Julie: When I was a kid I was obsessed with Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett and then Lily Tomlin. I was influenced by that whole era. When Whoopi Goldberg came out with that first show that she did, that was like “wow!” And George Carlin and Lenny Bruce, all kinds of different people.

Did you have an influence from any out comedians?
Julie: Not when I was a kid. It didn’t factor into comedy for me until I got into college and figured out what sexuality was. And people weren’t even out until 10 years ago. So it was never an option.

But now we have Logo and you’re on The Big Gay Sketch Show, which is about to enter its second season. So how did you get involved in that?
Julie: My manager found out about it. They hired me as a writer for the pilot and as we were making the pilot they were putting a cast together. I asked to be given an audition for the cast.

Well, I’ve been really impressed with it, I think it’s really funny. I love the lesbian nuances. One of my favorite, of course, is the lesbian speed-dating skit.
Julie: That’s a great sketch written by Rebecca Drysdale.

Season 2: The Big Gay Sketch Show

What should we expect from the second season?
Julie: I am so excited, we all are, about the second season. I think that people are going to be pleasantly surprised at how much further we’ve pushed it for the second season. It’s really, really funny. If you liked the first season, you are going to love the second season.

Rosie O’Donnell is involved in this, correct?
Julie: Yes, Rosie O’Donnell is the executive producer. She’s sort of like the eye in the sky. All the scripts have to be okayed by her, but she’s not really involved with the day to day. She was with the pilot, but then in Season 1, she could step away a little bit.

How long ago did you film this season of The Big Gay Sketch Show?
Julie: We filmed in October. Actually it’s a pretty quick turn around.

So you can deal with some pretty recent political events.
Julie: yes. There are a few zingers in there. There’s an e-harmony sketch. There’s some fun celebrity skits. We’re doing Liza Minnelli, Suze Orman and Kristy Alley.

Indigo Etheridge

I want to talk to you about your musical numbers, because I love them. Were you ever in a band?
Julie: I was never in a band, but I did do a character called Indigo Etheridge, Lesbian Folk Rock sensation. I put out an album, but I couldn’t sustain it. It was too expensive. But I do have an album on CD baby. I would love to get the band back together. There’s nothing like a band. It was one of my personal greatest achievements, just to have a band onstage. I was so fun. I would love to do that again.

Do you tour much doing stand up?
Julie: I do go on the road doing stand up about 2-3 shows a month.

Big Dreams, Little Hope

And I saw you in the fun movie Big Dreams in Little Hope. I liked that it wasn’t just comedy, it was drama too.
Julie: It was a sweet little movie. And it was made with about five dollars. It was a lot of friends together trying to get that movie made. The independent film making is so hard and if it’s anything gay related, then good luck to you. It’s hard to make money and it’s even harder to raise the money to make the film.

I read in your blog that you’ve endorsed a candidate for president.
Julie: Yes I have. I’m going for Hillary Clinton.

Do you want to say any more about that?
Julie: I was just talking to a friend of mine earlier. This is just so fascinating, this whole time right now. People are so passionate. It’s so personal for everyone. I think no matter what happens, we’re in a win-win situation. I think if Clinton, or Obama or Edwards were to become president we will be fine. I like her. People hate her. It’s a curiosity to me. Why do people hate her?

So what else are you doing, besides the big gay sketch show?
Julie: I’m traveling, doing stand up. I’m also doing a new solo show in New York in April which is called Julie Goldman’s Pre-emptive Strike. I’m doing that at the Culture Project. I’m trying to launch a new female comedy troupe called Offensive Women. That will be a monthly comedy show.

Any thing else?
Julie: The cast is going to go on a Rosie Cruise (R Family Vacations) in March. I also work with the Olivia cruises. I’ll be doing a club med in May. And of course, the few celesbian interviews on AfterEllen.

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