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Alexandra Hedison: Lesbian Actress & Photographer


Alexandra Hedison

Alexandra Hedison

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Ellen's Ex:

Perhaps Alexandra Hedison is best known as Ellen DeGeneres' ex-lover. With a new role as hot Dylan Moreland on The L Word, people will be asking, "Ellen who?"

Alexandra Hedison: Lesbian Actress:

Alexandra Hedison had roles in the TV series L.A. Firefighters (1996) and has appeared as guests on Lois & Clark (1994), 7 Days (1999) and Nash Bridges (2000). She also appeared on Logo TV's year end special The Year in Queer 2005.

Alexandra Hedison: Photographer:

Alexandra Hedison's photographs have appeared in Time, Newsweek, People and of course, the famous Advocate issue. Alexandra Hedison shot exclusive photos of Ellen DeGeneres for The Advocate at their home. The issue hit the news stands just as word of their break up was also making news.

These L Word Friends of Mine:

Alexandra Hedison says she friends with Ilene Chaiken, Leisha Hailey and Kate Moenning from The L Word. Alexandra agreed to audition for The L Word because she thought it would be a good diversion from thinking about her break up with Ellen DeGeneres. She said in Curve magazine, "Basically, it was a good reason to leave L.A. for awhile."

Alexandra Hedison's Latest Photography Show:

Alexandra Hedison's latest photography show is titled "(Re)Building." The show consists of beautiful and unique images from contruction sites.

Lesbian Plays Straight on Lesbian Show:

Alexandra Hedison plays "straight" filmmaker Dylan Moreland on The L Word third season. Dylan has an affair with Helena, played by Rachel Shelley. She confirms what others have said about life on The L Word set. "It was such a nurturing environment, it was great. It was the most fun I've ever had on a set working..." she said in Curve magazine.

Hollywood is Hedison's Home:

Alexandra Hedison's father is 1960s soap opera star David Hedison from Another World and The Young and the Restless. She grew up around Hollywood actors and other show business industry people.

Acting in Hedison's future?:

In an interview with Curve magazine Alexandra Hedison said, "I'll never go back to acting the way I was." She says her main focus is photography and directing films.

Look for Films by Alexandra Hedison:

Alexandra Hedison will continue to work behind the camera, both film and movies. She made a short film called In the Doghouse and made a short about Shelby Lynne for DirecTV.
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