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Lesbian and Bisexual Movies

Here are film and video reviews for lesbian and bisexual movies.

Lesbian Movie Review
And Then Came Lola, a lesbian movie starring Cathy DeBuono, Jill Bennett and Ashleigh Summer

Movie About Lesbian Conception
Can lesbians have children through parthenogenesis? What if they could? The Baby Formula is a movie about lesbians conception and parthenogenesis.

La Cucina - Lesbian Movie Starring Leisha Hailey
La Cucina - Lesbian Movie Starring Leisha Hailey, Christina Hendricks, Joaquim de Almeida, Rachel Hunter

Hannah Free - Lesbian Movie Review - Hannah Free
Hannah Free is a lesbian movie starring Sharon Gless.

I Can't Think Straight - Lesbian Movie Review
Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth in I Can't Think Straight a new lesbian movie.

Steam Starring Ruby Dee, Ally Sheedy, Kate Siegel
Lesbian movie Steam Starring Ally Sheedy, Kate Siegel, Reshma Shetty and Ruby Dee.

Girl Seeks Girl - Lesbian Movie Review
Girl Seeks Girl is billed as the L-Word meets Almodovar, this entertaining flick has all the melodrama of a daytime soap with all the dyke drama of a nighttime lesbian TV show.

Drifting Flowers - Lesbian Movie Review - Drifing Flowers
Drifting Flowers is a lesbian-themed movie by director Zero Chou.

Stephanie Schroeder, Lesbian Life Movie Reviewer
Stephanie Schroeder reviews movies for Lesbian Life.

Shelter Me - Lesbian Movie Review - Shelter Me
Shelter Me is an Italian lesbian movie about a couple whose life is changed by a young immigrant.

Training Rules - Documentary Film about Homophobia in Women's Sports
Training Rules examines homophobia in women's sports through the story of Rene Portland who coached at Penn State for 27years and had a policy of No Drinking, No Drugs, No Lesbians on her team.

Your Favorite Lesbian Movies
Tell me your favorite lesbian movie

Four Minutes - German Lesbian Prison Film - Four Minutes
Four Minutes is a German Lesbian Prison Film.

Shelter Me - Lesbian Movie Review - Shelter Me
Shelter Me is an Italian lesbian movie about a couple whose life is changed by a young immigrant.

World Unseen - Lesbian Movie Review - The World Unseen
The World Unseen is a beautiful lesbian film, set in South Africa during Apartheid.

Affinity - Lesbian Life Move Review of Affinity
Our favorite lesbian author Sarah Waters has a new film adaptation of her latest novel, Affinity. Here is the Lesbian Life Review of Affinity.

The Ten Worst Lesbian Movies
If you read our Lesbian Life movie reviews (thank you!), then you know we love to criticize lesbian movies. We love to boo aloud at the screen and absolutely rip them apart. Why, you ask? Keep reading. I think you’ll more than understand.

Finn's Girl - Lesbian Movie Review Finn's Girl
Finn's Girl is a new lesbian movie from Canada.

Love My Life - Lesbian Movie Review - Love My Life
Love My Life - Lesbian Movie Review

Spider Lilies - Lesbian Movie Review - Spider Lilies
A sexy new lesbian movie: Spider Lilies. Here is the Lesbian Life review of Spider Lilies.

For The Bible Tells Me So Movie Review
A movie about homosexuality and religion, For the Bible Tells Me so explores many of the deep and dividing issues of our generation. Here is our review of For the Bible Tells Me So.

Liz Taylor
Liz Taylor Bio

Tick Tock Lullaby
Tick Tock Lullaby lesbian movie review.

Nina's Heavenly Delights
Nina's Heavenly Delights Lesbian Movie Review

Loving Annabelle
Movie review of lesbian movie Loving Annabelle.

The Gymnast - Lesbian Movie - The Gymnast
The Gymnast is a sexy new lesbian movie, Desert Hearts meets Cirque du Soleil.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee - Movie Review
Jamie Babbit's Itty Bitty Titty Committee is a hilarious new lesbian film packed full of riot grrl music, lesbian love triangles and attempts to take over the world. That's not too much to ask of a film, is it?

Bam Bam and Celeste - A Margaret Cho movie
Margaret Cho has written and produced her first movie Bam Bam and Celeste. It's funny and campy with lots of star cameos like Jane Lynch, Alan Cumming and Wilson Cruz. Highly recommended!

Gray Matters - Lesbian Movie Review - Gray Matters
A coming out story with a twist, Gray Matters, starring Heather Graham and Tom Cavanagh is a great light comedy. You could even watch it with your parents.

Best Lesbian Sex Scenes in the Movies
These aren't necessarily the best lesbian movies, they are the best lesbian sex scenes in the movies. For many of these you might want to fast forward through the whole movie to get to the sex scenes.

She Likes Girls - Lesbian Short Films
The latest release from Wolfe is She Likes Girls, a sample of lesbian short films from 2006.

Floored by Love Lesbian Movie Review
Floored by Love is a new lesbian movie. Here is a review of the lesbian movie Floored by Love.

Robin's Hood: A Lesbian Tale
Robin's Hood take s a lesbian twist on the Robin Hood tale. Here's a review of Robin's Hood.

Lesbian Oscars 2006
If only we really had Academy Awards for lesbians. If were did have lesbian Oscars, here is who win for 2006.

Directed by Chris Columbus, the Broadway play Rent is now a movie, availabe on DVD.

My Top Ten Lesbian Movies
Lesbians on the big screen! What could be better?

The Journey: An Indian Lesbian Movie
The Journey depicts the story of Kiran and Delilah, young Indian women who grow up together in a small rural village and eventually fall in love. This lesbian love story is beautiful and poetic.

The Ultimate Lesbian Short Film Festival
This is a review of The Ultimate Lesbian Short Film Festival, a collection of lesbian short films available on DVD.

Iranian Lesbian Movie: Unveiled
An Iranian lesbian tries to find love in this movie directed by Angelina Maccarone.

Lesbian Movie Review: Show Me
Here's a creepy thriller, the lesbian movie: Show Me.

Lesbian Movie Review: D.E.B.S.
The movie D.E.B.S. starring Sara Foster, Meagan Good, Devon Aoki, Jill Ritchie and the beautiful Jordana Brewster is one of the best lesbian action films to come out in a long time. Directed by out lesbian Angela Robinson, this is one film you don't want to miss.

My Summer of Love: Lesbian Movie Review
My Summer of Love, starring Natalie Press and Emily Blunt, is an erotic sensual exploration of first lesbian love.

Lesbian Movie Review: Round Trip
Round Trip is a lesbian movie love story that's bittersweet. It is set in Tel Aviv, where lesbian love can be hard to sustain.

When Night is Falling
Here's a review of a beautiful lesbian movie: When Night is Falling.

Secret Things: Lesbian Movie Review
In Secret Things, an erotic lesbian movie, two women work their way up the corporate ladder by seducing the CEO. Lots of lesbian sex and lust.

In The City: Movie Review
Here's a review of the movie, "In the City" or "En la Ciudad."

My Mother Likes Women (Mi Madre Le Gustan Las Mujeres)
Lesbian movie review: My Mother Likes Women or Mi Madre Le Gustan Las Mujeres.

Mary Foulk: Lesbian Life Movie Reviewer
Mary Foulk reviews lesbian movies for Lesbian Life.

Producing Adults: Lesbian Movie on DVD
Finnish lesbian film, Producing Adults was Finland's Official submission for Best Foreign Film.

One Wedding and a Revolution
One Wedding and a Revolution is Debra Chasnoff's award-winning documentary film about the first gay wedding performed in San Francisco in February 2004.

Goldfish Memory Film Review
Goldfish Memory is a great film for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, straights and everyone inbetween. This light, sexy comedy is lots of fun.

Debbie's Top Lesbian Films
Debbie Caselton, Director of Sensory Perceptions, Portland, Oregon's Lesbian & Gay Film Festival shares with me her top Lesbian Films of all time.

Make a Wish: Lesbian Horror Film
Make a Wish, a new lesbian horror film is being released just in time for Halloween.

Lesbian Comedians: Laughing Matters
Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O'Donnell, four lesbian comedians have been out and proud and performing for gay and straight audiences alike. Meet Kate Clinton, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Marga Gomez and Karen Williams and their DVD, "Laughing Matters."

Heavenly Creatures
Kate Winslet and Peter Jackson both got their start in this, one of the most complex lesbian themed movies ever.

MyTop 10 Lesbian Movies
These are my 10 favorite lesbian movies of all time.

The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love
A sweet story of two high school girls from opposite sides of the tracks who fall in love. See Laurel Holloman, Tina from The L Word, in her first lesbian role where she plays a cute baby butch.

If These Walls Could Talk 2
In three vignettes, the lives of lesbians are portrayed over the years. Read a review of If These Walls Could Talk 2.

Is there anyone hotter than Gina Gershon? If you haven't seen this movie yet, you must!

Desert Hearts
Desert Hearts is one of the first lesbian movies I ever saw and remains one of the best.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister
Lesbian Life movie review of The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister

Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls
Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls Movie Review

The Kids are All Right
The Kids Are All Right - Lesbian Movie Review.

Here Come the Girls 2 - Lesbian Short Films
Here Come the Girls 2 - Lesbian Short Films

For My Wife: The Making of an Activist for Marriage Equality
Lesbian Life film review of For My Wife: The Making of an Activist for Marriage Equality.

Mädchen in Uniform: Classic Lesbian Movie
Mädchen in Uniform is a lesbian film from 1958 and the inspiration for the lesbian favorite Loving Annabelle.

We Have to Stop Now
Cathy DeBuone, Suzanne Westenhoefer and Jill Bennett star in the lesbian comedy series "We Have to Stop Now."

Elana Undone
Elana Undone, from the director of Claire of the Moon, a new lesbian movie with the longest lesbian on-screen kiss.

Lesbian Life Interview with Dreya Weber
Lesbian Life interview with actor Dreya Weber.

Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement
Film review of Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement.

Black Swan
Lesbian Life movie review of Black Swan starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

Top Romantic Lesbian Movies
Romantic lesbian movies for Valentines Day or anytime.

Motherland - Lesbian Film Review
A review of Motherland movie.

Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation
Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation is an sex-ed film that teaches women how to find their G-Spot and how to female ejaculate.

Bloomington - Lesbian Movie Review
A review of the lesbian movie Bloomington.

Lesbian Life Interview with Nicole Conn
Lesbian Life interviews lesbian film director Nicole Conn.

Behind the Scenes on a Lesbian Movie Set - A Perfect Ending by Nicole Conn
A report from behind the Scenes on a Lesbian Movie Set - A Perfect Ending by Nicole Conn.

Lesbian Porn Review: Taxi Series
A review of the lesbian porn series Taxi.

The Fish Child (el nino pez)
A review of The Fish Child (el nino pez) a new lesbian film.

Jamie And Jessie Are Not Together
A review of the lesbian film Jamie And Jessie Are Not Together.

Gigola - French Lesbian Movie with English Subtitles
A review of Gigola - French Lesbian Movie with English subtitles.

Circumstance - Iranian Lesbian Movie
Circumstance, a heart-breaking lesbian movie from Iran and winner of the Sundance 2011 Audience Award.

Light-Hearted Lesbian Films
So many lesbian movies are dark and depressing. Share with us your favorite light-hearted lesbian films.

Lesbians Just Wanna Have Fun?
Lesbian Life movie reviewer Stephanie Schroeder pleads for some upbeat lesbian movies.

A Review of The Lesbian Porn Series: Crash Pad
A review of the Crash Pad series of lesbian porn.

Girl/Girl Scene Review
Girl/Girl Scene is a new lesbian web series that's being compared to The L Word. Is it really that good?

A review of the award-winning lesbian film Pariah.

Best Lesbian Movie of 2011 or 2012
What was the best lesbian movie of 2011 or 2012?

Second Class Citizens
Lesbian Life interviews filmmaker Ryan James Yezak about Second Class Citizens, his film about the gay rights movement.

Best Lesbian Films of 2012
2012 was a good year for lesbian films. We have releases from a favorite lesbian director, an uplifting film starring Olympia Dukakis and a few foreign movies to keep lesbian film buffs happy well into 2013.

God Loves Uganda
God Loves Uganda is a new film by Roger Ross Williams about US conservative Christians who are traveling to Uganda and preaching prejudice and hate.

Concussion - A Lesbian Movie Review
Concussion - Lesbian Life Movie Review

The Top Lesbian Films of 2013
The best lesbian films of 2013. These are our favorite lesbian movies for 2013.

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