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Make a Wish: Lesbian Slasher Film

Your Worst Nightmare

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Lesbian Horror Movie
Wolfe Video
Make a Wish, the new lesbian horror flick released by Wolfe Video starts out as any good slasher film should: A woman alone at night, lost on some backwoods road, no cell phone service and a flat tire. Wait! Don't get out of the car to fix it!! It's all a set up!! Oh, too late! One lesbian murdered, four to go.

Which is Scarier?

Which is scarier? Heading out into the woods when there's a serial killer on the loose or agreeing to go on a camping trip with your ex-lover and all her ex-girlfriends. With Make a Wish, you don't have to decide. It's all here! Lesbian drama, cheating, sex and murder! It's a good time to pop some popcorn and cuddle up tight with your sweetie.

Susan and her Gal Pals go Camping

Pics from Make A Wish

From the movie Make A Wish

Wolfe Video
Every year for her birthday Susan invites all her ex-lovers on a camping trip. Why they all agree to go each year is anybody's guess. At one point, each one of them, has cheated on Susan. Apparently on this yearly trip, they each take the opportunity to cheat on whomever they're currently with.

While the tent-hopping and sexual tension do add some excitement to the film, it's not quite enough to make up for the lack of humor and/or horror the film promises to deliver.

Lesbian Stereotypes A Go Go

One thing Make a Wish does is perfectly portray a variety of lesbian stereotypes. There's the Vegan who throws a fit when she discovers there's nothing she can eat in the cooler. (Hello! If you're THAT strict, pack your own food!) Then there's the Woo Woo One, who says her affirmations, burns her candles and chants to the Goddess. Then there's the controlling bitch, the play girl and the rich city girl who can't believe she has to pee in the woods.

More Horror Please

A lesbian Blair Witch Project, this is not. Make a Wish is not quite scary enough for the horror genre and not quite campy enough to be a parody. It's kind of weird that the women seem more concered with getting into each other's pants, than that their companions are disappearing one by one.

No one expects the slasher flick genre to produce great cinema, but we should leave either a little more afraid to go in the woods, or at least with a chuckle or two. Unfortunately Make a Wish does nothing to scare and the laughs are few and far between.

Director: Sharon Ferranti

Starring: Hollace Starr, Moynan King, Lava Alapai, Virginia Baeta

Release date 10/19/2004.

Available from Wolfe Video.

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