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Lesbian & Bisexual Sexuality

Got questions about lesbian sex? We've got answers!
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Tracy Bartlett
Tracy Bartlett is a sex educator.

Felice Newman Responds - Lesbian Sex Book Author Reacts to Dad's Claims
Felice Newman, author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book responds to a dad who claims his sons had "many sleepless nights" after seeing the Whole Lesbian Sex book on the library shelves.

First Time Lesbian Sex: Questions and Answers
When you are going to have lesbian sex for the first time, getting the answers to your questions is important. Here is one lesbian's question and the answer to help make her first time smoother.

Lesbian Pubic Hair
Should you shave your pubic hair?

Prevalence of Bisexuality and Lesbianism in the U.S.
What percentage of the population is lesbian or bisexual? New study of sexual behavior by the Centers for Disease Control says lesbianism is more prevelent than previously thought.

Lesbian Orgasm Problems
What do you do when your or your female partner has trouble coming, or orgasming? Trouble with orgasm can affect your whole sexual relationship. Here's some advice for women with orgasm problems.

Lesbian Sex Question: Something New to Try?
When you and your partner do the same sexual acts over and over, things can get boring. Lesbian Sex Expert, Felice Newman, answers the lesbian sex question: How do I spice up my sex life?

How to turn a latex glove into a safer sex barrier
These simple steps will turn a latex glove into a barrier to protect you and your partner during oral sex.

Safer Sex Question
Do lesbians need to worry about safer sex and AIDS?

What are lubricants for?
Learn how lube can make sex more enjoyable.

How To Ask Your Partner to Get Tested for STDs
How to talk to your partner about getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

What should a Femme know about strap-on sex?
A femme wants to know what she should expect for the first time having dildo strap-on sex with her new stud partner.

Am I Unisex or Asexual?
A young woman wonders if she is asexual or unisex or lesbian.

A Survey of US Sexual Activity Report
A new survey of sexual behavior in the United States gives a glimpse into how many people are lesbian, gay bisexual in the US.

Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation
Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation is an sex-ed film that teaches women how to find their G-Spot and how to female ejaculate.

Sexual Orientation versus Sexual Arousal or Desire
Sexual orientation, arousal and desire are related, but they are not the same thing.

Questions Answered about Vaginism
A question and answer with an expert in Vaginism, a female sexual disorder.

Lesbian Hook-Ups
Sometimes you just want to have sex or hook-up with someone without getting into a relationship. Here are some tips for ethical lesbian hook-ups.

What Should You Know Before You Buy Your First Sex Toy
What should you buy for your first lesbian sex toy? Should you buy a vibrator or dildo and what features should you look for in buying your first lesbian sex toy?

What Do Lesbians Do in Bed?
What do lesbians do in bed? A study of lesbian behavior reveals what lesbians really do in bed.

Sexy Holiday Gifts for Lesbians
Don't put these sexy lesbian gifts under the tree, put them under her pillow.

Humor in the Bedroom with Karen Williams
Laughing can be sexy. Lesbian comedian Karen Williams discusses ways to bring humor into your bedroom.

I think I have Penis Envy
A lesbian wants to penetrate her partner and is jealous of men who have penises.

Why Don't Lesbians Have Sex with Men if They like Dildos?
If lesbians like strap-on sex with dildos, why don't they just have sex with men?

Sex expert Emily Morse on Kegel Exercises
Sex expert Emily Morse talks about lesbians and kegel exercises and her new app Kegel Camp.

My Girlfriend Only Wants to Take and Doesn't Want to Give
Her girlfriend is a taker in bed and never wants to give. Can this relationship be saved?

Sexual Frustration around Not finding G-Spot?
G-spot stimulation can result in an amazing orgasm and ejaculation. But what if you can't find her g-spot?

Tips For Spicing up Your Lesbian Sex Life
Spice up your sex life.

Lesbian Strap on Question - Double Penetration
I have a fantasy I am curious to try. Is it possible to strap on a dildo and be on top of a woman who also has a dildo? Can both perform with the dildos in each other’s vaginas?

How to: Fisting
Fisting is the act of inserting your whole hand into a woman's vagina. This article will give you step-by-step instructions for how to safely fist with your partner.

How to Find Your G-Spot
How to find your G-spot.

Lesbian Sex and Disability
A discussion about sex and disability for lesbians and the opportunity to share sex tips for lesbians with disabilities.

Best Lesbian Erotica 2011
The Best Lesbian Erotica of 2011.

Getting Back in the Saddle - Sex Again after a Long Absence
If it's been a while since you were sexually intimate with someone, you might be nervous about your performance. Here are some tips for getting back into a sexual groove after a period of abstinence.

How to Have Quiet Sex
The Art of Quiet Sex - How to Have Lesbian Quiet Sex.

Lesbian Sex in a Bathtub
The art of seduction in a bathtub. How to please your lesbian lover in the bath or shower.

Sex Positions for Cunnilingus
Different sex positions for lesbian oral sex.

All About Play BDSM or Sex Play Parties
Do you have an interest in sex or BDSM play parties? Learn more about adult play parties, including how to find one and how to join in.

How to Tell Your Partner You have a Sexually Transmitted Disease
If you have a sexually transmitted disease like HIV, herpes or HPV it's important to tell your partner. Here's how to tell your partner you have a STD.

What Not to Do in Bed for Lesbians
Sex tips for lesbians- what not to do in bed.

Why Lesbians Should Get Tested for STDs
Should lesbians be tested for sexually transmitted diseases and infections? Five reasons lesbians should be tested for STDs and STIs.

Ways to Green Up Your Sex Life
How can you bring an earth-friendly environmental approach to your lesbian sex life? Tips for lesbians to green-up their sex lives.

My Girlfriend Doesn't Like Her Clit Touched
A woman doesn't like to have her clitoris touched, so how can her partner please her?

How to Talk About Sex - For lesbians and bisexual women
Before you have sex with someone, you should talk about sex. Here are some tips about how to talk about sex with a new partner, or even one you've been with for a while.

Are Yeast Infections Sexually Transmitted?
Are yeast infections sexually transmitted?

Use it or Lose It
If you want to keep your sex life healthy and vibrant, there's one good way to do that--keep having sex.

How do You Keep Sex Alive in a Relationship?
Advice columnist Emily Wilcox answers the question, How to Keep Sex Alive for Lesbian Couples.

Grocery Store Vibrators
Women's sexual pleasure is coming out of the closet, so why not put vibrators in the grocery store next to the condoms?

How to Clean Up After Sex
How to clean up after sex without ruining the mood.

Lesbian Couples Going Through Menopause Together

No Spontaneity in Sex

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