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How To Buy a Dildo


How To Buy a Dildo
So you and your partner have decided to introduce a dildo, or strap-on to your sexual repertoire. If you've never used one before, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here's some advice to get you started.
Time Required: A few hours

Here's How:

  1. Decide how big a dildo you want. Dildos come in a variety of sizes. Experiment with how deep and wide you like penetration. You can use your fingers as a guide.
  2. Choose which material will work best for you. Many dildos are made of silicone because it retains body heat and is easy to clean. Less expensive models are made of rubber. If you are a first-timer, you may want to start with a less expensive rubber model. I would not recommend glass or lucite for your first dildo.
  3. To harness or not? You can use a dildo with an harness or hold it in your hand. A harness leaves your hands free, but will take an additional chunk out of your wallet. If money is a concern, you may choose to wait on the harness and experiment with hand holding it.
  4. Pick your store. If you have one steady partner, the two of you may wish to shop together for your new toy. You're likely to feel more comfortable in a store that caters to women. You can make your purchse on-line, but you may prefer to visit a store in person where you can touch and feel the different models.
  5. If you decide to buy a harness, the most important feature is comfort. Some fit like a g-string and others wrap around your butt cheeks like a jock strap. Another type straps around your thigh. Choose which you think will be the most comfortable for you.
  6. Go home and enjoy. But don't forget to practice Safer Sex.

What You Need

  • $25 to $100 or more
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