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Sexy Holiday Gifts for Lesbians

Lesbian Gifts to Tingle her Toes


There are some gifts you put under the tree. These are not those. Slip her one of these sexy lesbian holiday gifts after the kids have gone to bed and the relatives have left.

1. Sex Questions

Sex Questions by Tracy Bartlett
© Babeland
Written by our own Lesbian Life contributor Tracy Bartlett Sex Questions are great for new lovers just getting to know one another or for old lovers hoping to discover something new. Sex Questions are a great way to start conversation about your turn-ons and turn-offs, as well as fantasies and past experiences. Fun for couples or for adult party situations.

2. Candy Bra and G-String

Candy Bra and G-String
© Babeland
Forget traditional lingerie. Your sense of sexuality is much more playful than that. When she opens this Candy Bra and G-String (or better yet, opens to the door to see you in them) the two of you will share a laugh and an evening of fun nibbling away.

3. Hand Blown Glass Dildo

Glass Dildos
© Babeland
Sex toy or work of art? You decide. These glass dildos are hand-crafted, so no two are alike. Great for partner or solo play and shaped just right for G-Spot stimulation.

4. Candy Apple Kink Kit

Candy Apple Kink Kit
© Babeland
For the 3% of you who admit you're into kink, the Candy Apple Kink kit is a fun and sexy way to get started in BDSM in a festive red patent leather, perfect for the holidays.

5. Santa Duckie

Santa Duckie Vibrator
© Babeland
It's a vibrator that looks like an innocent rubber duckie. Perfect for the bath. Special holiday packaging makes it delightful to hang instead of mistletoe.
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