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The 2008 summer Olympics in China is sure to have many gay and lesbian athletes, but only a handful are actually out about their sexual orientation. Here are profiles of the out lesbian Olympic Athletes from the summer 2008 Olympic Games.
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Natasha Kai out Olympic AthleteNatasha Kai is a forward on the US Women's Soccer TeamJudith Arndt out lesbian Olympic Cyclist from GermanyJudith Arndt Lesbian Cyclist and OlympianImke Duplitzer out lesbian Olympic Fencer from GermanyImke Duplitzer out Lesbian Athlete and ActivistGro Hammerseng and Katja NybergHandball Players and Lovers Gro Hammerseng and Katja Nyberg
Linda Bresonik German Soccer PlayerLinda BresonkiLauren Lappin U.S. Softball Player and out Lesbian OlympianLauren Lappin US Softball Olympic Athlete and LesbianRennae Stubbs Australian Tennis player and out lesbianRennae Stubbs Lesbian Olympic Tennis PlayerVicky Galindo Bisexual Softball Player from the USSecond Baseman Vicky Galindo is Bisexual
Victoria Svensson Swedish Lesbian Soccer PlayerVictoria Svensson

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