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Sweet Lesbian Cruise - Eco-Friendly Lesbian Vacation


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Sweet: Eco-Friendly Lesbian Vacation Company
Norwegian Spirit Cruise Ship

Sweet sailed about the Norwegian Spirit for its inaugural Caribbean cruise.

© Gina Daggett
Sweet is a new travel company for lesbians who want to make a difference when they vacation. I set sail on Sweet for their inaugural Caribbean Cruise in November 2009. Sweet was founded with the mission that people can have fun while making a difference. At every port, cruisers had the opportunity to volunteer.

In addition to volunteering, Sweet purchases "carbon offsets" which help the environment.

Sweet travels on the Norwegian Cruise line. Our ship was the Norwegian Spirit, which holds about 2,000 people. The ship was fairly new and clean. Many of rooms have balconies.

Norwegian has "freestyle" dining, which means you can eat at any time. The ship has nine restaurants, three of which are included in the price of your cruise. You can pay extra to eat in a Japanese restaurant, a steak house, teppanyaki, or an Italian restaurant.

The ship has two swimming pools, a gym/spa, several bars and a large performance hall for evening entertainment.

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