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Lesbian Relationship Advice

Love, romance, dating--lesbian and bisexual relationship advice.
  1. Ask Emily (22)

Should You Take Your Girlfriend to College?
Should this lesbian take her girlfriend to college with her to save her from a repressive home?

Teen is not Out, but wanting OUT of Her Relationship
A bisexual teen feels trapped in a relationship with her girlfriend. Every time she tries to leave her girlfriend threatens to harm herself. How can she get out of this relationship? Oh yeah, and they're both in the closet.

She Wants her Girlfriend to Stop Chatting with Former Crush
She is jealous of someone she met a few years ago in a chat room. It's starting to destroy their relationship. What should she do?

Couple Together Has Not Had Sex Yet
They've been together for a year and a half and still haven't had sex. Can this relationship be saved?

Do I Tell her I Love her?
Do I tell her I love her? How do I know if she Loves Me back?

Advise About Lesbian Dating her Boss
Is it a good idea for a lesbian to date her boss? Advice for a lesbian who wants to date her boss.

Is it Possible to Fall in Love Online?
Can people fall in love online if they have never met?

Her Boyfriend is Jealous of Me - What Can I do about her Jealous Boyfriend
She's a lesbian. Her best friend is straight. Her boyfriend is jealous. What can be done?

Sex and Intimacy Issues in Long Distance Relationships
When you are in a long distance relationship and are planning to have sex for the first time, the thought can be intimidating. Here's how to approach sex for the first time with a person you've only known via the web.

Opposites Attract - Theater Geek in Love with Girl Jock
She's in love with a girl who is afraid of commitment. She wants to sweep her off her feet, but the girl keeps retreating. What should she do?

Joint Accounts - Lesbian Couples and Joint Checking/Credit Accounts
Should you and your partner open a joint checking or credit card account? How do you know if you're ready for a joint account?

Age Differences in Lesbian Relationships
Sometimes you just happen to fall in love with someone older or younger than you. Lesbian relationships can work despite age differences. Here you will learn the keys to navigating a lesbian relationship where age difference is a factor.

I'm In Love with My Co-Worker- What do I do?
Falling for a new co-worker, one Lesbian Life reader wants to know what is the proper etiquette. Especially since she doesn't know if she is a lesbian or not. And there is a huge age-difference.

What is an Emotional Affair?
What is the difference between an emotional affair and a regular affair? What is the difference between an emotional affair and a friendship?

How to Keep Love Alive
Whether you're in a long-term relationship or are just looking for ways to woo the lady in your life, these tips will help you keep the romance going in your love life.

Jealous Girlfriend - Advice for a Jealous Girlfriend
I need advice. My girlfriend's exes want to sleep with her and keep calling and text messaging her. I'm jealous. What should I do?

Is she Worth Fighting For? Lesbian Relationship Advice
You love her, but you're always fighting and she's in love with her ex still. Is this lesbian relationship worth fighting for or do you just let her go?

Long Term Lesbian Relationship Success
What are the reasons lesbians don't have long term relationships? Is there a key to long term relationship success? This article looks at one woman's frustration at not being able to find a long term successful lesbian relationship and some possible solutions to her problem.

She Wishes She could Impregnant Me
A lesbian is upset because her partner stopped having sex with her because she realizes they can never have a baby that is biologically theirs.

My straight best friend has feelings for me
What do you do when your best friend says she's in love with you? And she's straight?

Trouble with my Girlfriend and her Ex-Boyfriend
What do you do when you have a girlfriend who is still in close contact with her ex-boyfriend. You're not sure if they still have feelings for each other and it makes you nervous.

She Loves me, But still Treats Me Mean - Relationship Advice Needed
If she loves me, why does she treat me so mean? Lesbian relationship advice needed badly.

I Love Her, But I Need to Let Her Go
Your first lesbian love affair can be really intense. Especially if you are young. But sometimes those intense feelings can be overwhelming. What do you do when you feel trapped at 17?

Afraid of Losing Lover to Ex - Help! I'm Afraid of Losing my Lover to Her Ex
How can you prevent your lover from returning to her ex-girlfriend?

Help! My Girlfriend DoesnÂ’t Think SheÂ’s Gay Anymore
What would you do if one day your girlfriend came to you and told you she thought she was straight? How would you handle the news? And could she really be straight if she's been in a relationship with you for years?

Clingy Girlfriend - Advice on What to Do About a Clingy Girlfriend
She needs space. Her girlfriend wants to be together 24/7. Can this relationship be saved?

Why Don't Lesbian Relationships Last?
Why don't lesbian relationships last? What can you do to keep your relationship going strong?

How to Become Friends after a Lesbian Break-up
How do you move from lovers to friends when a lesbian relationship ends?

Lesbian Relationship Tips - Your Tips for Keeping Love Alive
What are your tips for keeping love alive and ensuring long-term relationship success?

Life After Cheating
Can your relationship survive an affair? How to know if your relationship will survive after cheating.

When One Wants a Baby and the Other Does Not - Can the Relationship Work?
If one lesbian in a couple wants a baby and the other does not, can the relationship work?

Moving in for the Wrong Reasons
Here are five good reasons NOT to move in with a partner.

Teen Lesbian Jealousy
A college lesbian is jealous of her girlfriend's friend. Is this healthy? What can she do about it?

Ten Simple Ways to be More Romantic
Keeping things fresh and new in a lesbian relationship, it's important to stay romantic. Here are ten great ideas for ways to be romantic with your lover.

Fixing a Mess-Up
You've messed up big time. Can you ever win her love and trust back? Try these steps to gain her trust back.

Newly Wed and Wants an Affair
A lesbian has only been married six months and she's thinking of having an affair. What should she do?

Long Distance Lover Won't Commit
They have a long-distance relationship and her girlfriend is uncertain whether or not she can commit. What should she do?

Living Together After Breakup
Her girlfriend broke up with her, but for economic reasons, they are forced to live together in the same house. How can she get over her heartbreak, when her partner is right there still, in their house?

I've got a Crush on my Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor
A lesbian newly in recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous is falling in love with her sponsor. Could the feelings be mutual? What should she do about falling in love with her sponsor in AA?

Ten Tips for a Healthy Lesbian Relationship
Do you want a healthy lesbian relationship that will stand the test of time? Here are some tips that will ensure your lesbian relationship is happy and healthy.

Bisexual Woman Wants an Open Relationship
Would opening a relationship help this lesbian couple? They're having troubles in the bedroom and out. Is an open relationship the answer?

Does she Love Me or is She Just an Affectionate Friend?
What are the signs that someone loves you? A 17 year old girl wonders if another girl likes her or if she's just an affectionate friend.

My Girlfriend Wants to Marry a Man
A lesbian woman is upset because her girlfriend just told her she's marrying a man. Can this relationship be saved?

Ways to Keep Your Relationship Vibrant
Ten easy ways to keep your love life and relationship vibrant and sexy.

Is there Any Hope of Getting Back with an Ex?
Is there hope to get back with an ex-girlfriend? How do you know if there is any hope of getting back with an ex?

Things to Consider Before Moving in Together
Is it time to move in with your partner? What are some things you should think about and talk about before the two of you move in together?

How to Know When It's Time to Break-Up
How can you know when it's time to keep working on a relationship or it's time to break up? These are signs to look out for that could indicate it's time to break up with your partner.

Why Lesbian Friends are Important
All friends are important, but for lesbians, it is especially important to have other lesbian friends.

Angel and Linda: Long Term Relationship Success
Angel and Linda have been together for 18 years and they share their success and tips with us.

Lesbian Love Story
Amy was afraid to come out. When she finally started dating her best friend, she found out what true love means.

Ten Common Relationship Killers
Avoid these common lesbian relationship killers and keep your love alive.

Ten Signs a New Relationships is Going to Work
Ten Signs a New Relationship is Going to Work--Is this relationship going to work?

Help! My Girlfriend Won't Stop Talking to her Ex!
A lesbian is concerned because her girlfriend wont' stop talking to her ex. What can be done?

Tips to Make Your Relationship Awesome
Making love last doesn't have to be complicated. Here are 6 relatively simple things you can do to make your relationship awesome.

6 Ways to Sabotage Your Relationship
Lying is a key factor in the downfall of a relationship.

Conscious Uncoupling
How to break up with respect and compassion--conscious uncoupling.

Are Lesbians Socially Immature?
Are lesbians socially immature, afraid of their own sexuality. This opinion piece suggests so.

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