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Dyke Dolls: "Bobbie"

Is she cheap?

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Pic of Rocker Dyke Doll
When the package arrived from Dyke Dolls, my friend and I ripped it open like we were kids on Christmas morning. Bobbi was so excited to see us, she popped right out of her boots. Literally. At first, I thought it was a cheap design, but then I realized how much easier it is to take her pants on and off when her feet just pop off.

We were kids again

And like 10 year olds, of course, the first thing we did was rip off all her clothes. But unlike the Barbie of our youth, Bobbi has real girl parts under her butch attire. I won't give too much away, but let's just say, either it was cold in my house, or Bobbie was as excited to see us as we were her.

Plays well with others

Pics of Dyke Dollsdykedolls.com
A well-equipped lesbian, Bobbie comes with her own toys: a tiny dildo, harness and vibrator. She’s butch, yet chic in her leather jacket, black boots, studded collar and white tank top.

Dyke Dolls: Pros & Cons

Pros: Very dyke like, down to the arm tattoo, wallet on a chain and black belt.

Cons: More outfits would be fun. The good news is, they should be available soon.

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