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Before You Buy A Lesbian Wedding Ring or Commitment Band


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When it comes time to buy your lesbian wedding rings or commitment ceremony bands, sure you can go to the jeweler at the mall and face possible homophobic sales staff. Or you can spend your money at a lesbian owned or lesbian friendly business. Here are some top places to find lesbian wedding rings and commitment bands.

Love & Pride

Whether you want a traditional wedding band or something with a queerer vibe, Love & Pride is an excellent first stop. Select diamond engagement rings, gold, silver or titanium wedding bands and even cool L Word jewelry. Rings are available for under $100 up to as much as you want to spend.


Jewelry By Ponce

Jewelry By Ponce has been making lesbian and gay wedding rings, engagement rings, commitment rings and other GLBT jewelry since 1983. Wedding rings range in price from $200 to $5,000. You're sure to find something here that meets your style and budget.



Not only is Sumiche lesbian owned, you can buy your wedding or commitment band from them with pride because they use only certified Green Gold and Platinum. No, green is not the color. Green means it is sustainably mined and fairly traded, so your can rest assured your happy day won't cause suffering to the planet or workers around the world.


Two Brides

Two Brides has a small selection of Lesbian Wedding rings and lots of other products and information for planning the perfect lesbian wedding.

George Sawyer

George Sawyer rings have a unique look. Based on the ancient Japanese art of Mokume Gane, George Sawyer blends different colors of gold to give your rings a unique one of a kind look.


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