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Angi & Sarah's Lesbian Wedding - Photos and Story


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Lesbian Wedding in Victoria, BC: Angi & Sarah
Angi & Sarah Wedding Kiss Photo

Angi & Sarah Wedding Kiss Photo

© Gary McKinstry
In Victoria, the dear Joyce and Peter Such hosted us at the Earle Clarke House. The baronial 1911 mansion has been featured on both the Art Gallery's House Tour and the Land Conservancy's Heritage House Tour. Built by local sculptor Earle Clarke, a contemporary of renowned painter Emily Carr, this residence is at the center of Victoria's vibrant cultural life. Joyce is an internationally exhibited artist and gourmet cook. Peter is a novelist, screen writer, dramatist and retired Professor Emeritus.

The wedding ceremony was Saturday afternoon. Our photographer Gary McKinstry did a wonderful job capturing our vows and put us at ease. After the ceremony, we celebrated with delicious cake and champagne and went to dinner at Zambri's, a traditional Italian restaurant and part of the slow-food movement. Our wedding day ended with a trip to the Pacific Opera Victoria for the Canadian premiere of Strauss' Daphne.

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