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Lesbian Wedding Planning and Information

For lesbians planning to marry, this is a great place to get information about planning your wedding. See how other lesbians planned their weddings and what they said at their ceremonies. Get tips on marriage proposals and how to buy engagement rings. It's all here.

A Lesbian Wedding Ring or Commitment Band
What do you need to know before you buy wedding or engagement rings for your lesbian wedding or commitment ceremony. Here's some advice about buying rings for a gay marriage or wedding.

Janice and Karin - Married in New Haven, CT
Janice and Karin lesbian lovers are married in Connecticut.

Lesbian Wedding Songs - What is Your Favorite Lesbian Wedding Song
Best lesbian wedding songs from your weddings

Massachusetts Wedding Locales
The first state in the union to legalize same-sex marriage, Massachusetts is full of scenic places to get hitched, gay and lesbian wedding officiates, and LGBT-owned catering and entertainment companies. Massachusetts is also home to a man who’s possibly the world’s only gay Irish rabbi, Mark R. Newton , who proudly performs Jewish and...

Sample Lesbian Marriage Vows - Real Examples of Lesbian Marriage Vows
Looking at the vows other people said to one another can help spark you in writing your vows to your partner. Here are some examples of real lesbian wedding vows.

Kasia and Tracey
It's no puzzle why Kasia and Tracey fell in love with one another. Here is a lesbian love and wedding story.

Lesbian and Gay Wedding Locations in Connecticut
As Connecticut just legalized same-sex marriage last fall, the lesbian wedding industry is just beginning to grow there. I expect there will be a lot more options in coming years, but for now, here are a few ideas and resources for planning your lesbian wedding in the Constitution State

Examples of Lesbian Wedding Vows
Here are vows from a lesbian wedding to give you ideas and inspiration for writing your own lesbian wedding vows.

Write Your Own Lesbian Wedding Vows
Write your own vows for your lesbian wedding. Here are some tips for writing your own wedding vows.

Bilingual Lesbian Wedding Vows Sample
This lesbian couple is bilingual and their wedding vows were in Spanish and English. Here is a sample of bilingual lesbian wedding vows.

Sample Lesbian Wedding Vows 1
Looking for an example of lesbian wedding vows. Here is an example of a sincere lesbian wedding vows

Where to Get Married in California
Now that California has legalized gay marriage, gay and lesbian couples will be traveling to California to get married. But where? Here are some ideas of places to get married in California for gay and lesbian couples. With its coastline and mountain ranges, California’s full of beautiful locales for getting hitched. Here are a few ideas for a scenic lesbian weddin

Get Married in Massachusetts
Now that Massachusetts is allowing gay and lesbians couples from out of state to marry, you'll want to know how to get married in Massachusetts for gay and lesbian couples.

Top Lesbian Wedding Songs
Picking a good lesbian wedding song is harder than it looks. It seems like our community’s best voices have more of a knack for being bitter and angry, or at least wistful and introspective, rather than sweet and sappy. You also want something that you can play in front of your parents without outing yourself as a freak. Here are a few that fit the bil

Jacqueline & Melissa: A Lesbian Love Story
Jacqueline and Melissa met at work and Melissa was instantly smitten. This is the story of how she won Jacqueline into her heart and life.

Kathryn & Jeani - The Second Same-Sex Marriage License in Solano County, CA
Kathryn & Jeani were the second same-sex marriage license in Solano County, California after gay marriage became legal there.

Finding Gay-Friendly Vendors for Your Lesbian Wedding
Once you decide to have a lesbian wedding, you have to find all kinds of vendors to help with the ceremony. Florists, caterers, photographers, wedding halls, DJs. How can you find a gay-friendly business to help you plan your same-sex wedding?

Countdown to Your Lesbian Wedding
Lesbian planning timeline. A countdown to the big lesbian wedding day.

Claudia and Lindsay - Married in South Africa
Claudia and Lindsay are married in one of the places where gay marriage is legal: South Africa. Here is the story of how they met, fell in love and their wedding

Lesbian Contest Winners - Laura & Kelli's Wedding Story
Laura and Kelli have a unique wedding story. They won a contest and received a wedding package in Canada.

Cathy Renna and Leah McElrath Lesbian Wedding Story
Cathy Renna and Leah McElrath Lesbian Wedding Story

Jennifer and Christine's Wedding - My Dream Come True
Jennifer and Christine's wedding - pictures and a love story.

Lesbian Ceremony Guide
Planning on getting married? Start here for information about how to plan a lesbian wedding or commitment ceremony.

Why Get Married if it's not Legal?
Why spend all the time and money to put on a lavish lesbian or gay wedding when gay marriage is not even legal? What's the point of getting married for gays and lesbians when in most places we won't have any rights?

Cheril & Monica's Lesbian Wedding
Cheril and Monica had a big lesbian wedding and you're invited to the see their photos and hear their story.

Ask Your Partner to Marry You - Lesbian Marriage Proposals
How does one woman ask another to marry her? A lesbian marriage proposal should be unique. How do you pop the question? Here are some tips for planning your lesbian marriage proposal.

How to get Married in Canada
Gays and lesbians can get married in Canada. So how do you go about getting married in Canada?

How to Buy a Lesbian Wedding Ring
You and your love have decided to get married. Now it's time to buy wedding rings. Where do you start to find lesbian wedding rings or commitment bands? Here are some tips on how to buy a lesbian wedding ring or commitment ceremony ring.

Angi & Sarah's Lesbian Wedding - Photos and Story
Angi and Sarah fell in love and married in Canada. Here is their story and lots of pictures from Angi & Sarah's lesbian wedding.

Lesbian/Gay Marriage Vows
These are the vows that my partner and I spoke to each other at our lesbian wedding in San Francisco City Hall.

Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photos
Here's a few sites that have photos from the historic same-sex marriage marathon in San Francisco, February 2004.

I Married my Girlfriend
I went to San Francisco and married my lesbian partner.

How do I throw a lesbian engagement party?
If two lesbians are getting married, do you throw an engagement party? Who should throw the engagement part? Who is invited to a lesbian engagement party?

How to get Married in Portland, Oregon
Planning on getting married in Multnomah County, Oregon? Here's how.

Kia and Sheree
Kia and Sheree share their story of how they fell in love and their wedding.

Ten Places for Gay-Friendly Weddings in New York
Ten of the top places for gays and lesbians to get married in New York and hold their wedding ceremony.

LGBT-Friendly Wedding Officiants in New York
Here are a list of LGBT and gay-friendly wedding officials in New York State

Share Your Lesbian Wedding Story
Share the story of your lesbian wedding.

Ericka and Mary - Wedding Story
Ericka and Mary share their love story and wedding pictures.

Gay-Friendly Wedding Venues in Washington State
Planning on getting married in Washington State? Here are a few great venues for same-sex weddings in Washington.

Who Plans a Lesbian Wedding?
Who plans a lesbian wedding? Are both brides involved in the process, or does the "girly" one do the planning?

Who Proposes in a Lesbian Relationship?
Who proposes in a lesbian relationship? Which person asks the other to marry?

Budget Wedding Planning for Same-Sex Couples
Lesbian wedding planning on a budget.

Sweet Lesbian Honeymoons and Weddings
Sweet offers Lesbian Honeymoon and Wedding packages.

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