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Jacqueline & Melissa: A Lesbian Love Story


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Melissa "Investigates" Jacqueline to Find out if She's a Lesbian
Melissa & Jacqueline on the grass

Melissa & Jacqueline on the grass

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I found out that she came from another department and lucky for me a friend of mine knew a gal in that very department who knew the hot chick personally! I asked my friend if the hot chick was single and a lesbian. I found out that she had a 9-year-old daughter and was married, but now divorced. It made me wonder if she was indeed a lesbian after all. I wouldn't stop "investigating" (a.k.a stalking) until I found out the details. All of this got back to her! She knew exactly what I was doing, and she didn't mind, I guess. Of course I had no idea that she knew I was investigating her. I got the nerve to send her an email after noticing we had a common friend on myspace. That was one foot in the door.

That "friend" was trying to hook up with lesbians in the area and spammed a message to all the single lesbians in a 30 mile radius via myspace. The hot chick happened to be one of them. I told this "friend" of mine that I worked with a gal on her myspace "friends list" and that she was extremely H-O-T so she should pursue it further. Strange thing to do especially since I had a mega lust crush on the hot chick. Thankfully it didn't work out with those two.

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