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Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Teenagers

Young lesbians and bisexual women will find book reviews, informative aritcles, support and links to queer youth web sites and other content of interest to lesbian and bisexual teens.

Lesbian Relationship with Age Difference
A 14-year-old has questions about her relationship with an 18 year old.

14 and in Love with an 18 Year Old
A 14 year old bisexual girl is in love with an 18 year old girl. Her mom is not happy. What can she do?

How to Ask a Girl Out for Teen Lesbians
How does a teen lesbian, fresh out of the closet, ask another girl out?

What is a GSA?
What is a GSA or Gay Straight Alliance?

Homophobic and Gay Friends - How to Maintain Peace Between Friends
When you have a group of friends and one is bisexual, the other homophobic, how do you maintain peace among the group of friends?

What is the Day of Silence?
What is the day of silence? How will keeping quiet help LGBT youth and students?

Help for Suicidal Gay and Lesbian Teens - The Trevor Project -Suicide Help Line
Sometimes dealing with the emotions of being a lesbian or bisexual can seem like too much to bear. Often gay and lesbian teens who feel like they have no place to go consider killing themselves. Instead, consider calling The Trevor Project, a suicide help line just for GLBT teens.

LGBT Scholarships - Top College Scholarships for LGBT Students
For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students looking for financial aid for college, here are some places that offer scholarship money for LGBT students.

Do I tell my straight friend I have a crush on her?
When you're lesbian or bisexual and you have a crush on a straight friend, do you tell them? What do you do when you have a crush on a straight girl?

Meet other lesbian and bisexual teens
Coming out is great, but for lesbian or bisexual teens, where do you meet other young people to date? Here are some tips for meeting other lesbian and bisexual teens for dating.

Internet Safety Tips for Lesbian and Bisexual Teens
The internet can be a great place to meet other lesbian and bisexual teens. But the internet can also be a place where dangers lurk and people prey on unsuspecting lesbian and bisexual teens. Here are some tips for lesbian and bisexual teens to keep yourself safe on the internet.

How Do I Ask a Girl Out?
For lesbian and bisexual teens it can be hard to know who is a lesbian or not, if you want to ask a girl out. How do you ask a girl out if you're not sure of she is lesbian or bisexual?

Lesbian Teen Coming Out Advice
One lesbian teen fears coming out to her parents because they make jokes about gays and lesbians. Should this lesbian teen come out? Here is my advice for Teen Lesbian

Help for a Teen Lesbian
A teen lesbian is having questions about her sexuality, coming out, her girlfriend and her sex life. Can lesbian life help this teen lesbian?

How Do I Know if I am Lesbian or Gay or Bisexual?
This question comes up a lot. People write in and want me to help them figure out if they are lesbian or bisexual. How do you know for sure if you are lesbian, gay or bisexual? Am I a lesbian? Am I bisexual?

How to find a Lesbian or Gay Friendly College
Picking a college that is gay friendly, lesbian friendly or queer friendly is easier than you think. Here are some tips for picking a lesbian or gay friendly college or university.

How to talk to your friends about homosexuality/bisexuality
Maybe you want to come out to a friend. Or maybe you want to ask that friend if s/he is gay, lesbian or bisexual. But how do you bring up the topic?

Are Schools Safe for GLBT Youth?
A recent study discovered that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youths' learning is adversely affected by an anti-gay climate in the schools.

Gay/Straight Alliances: Both Sides of the Issue
Gay/Straight Alliances, or GSAs are appearing in more and more public high schools. Read about both sides of the controversy.

I used to work here, so I may be a little biased when I say this is one Rockin' queer youth program!

Financial Aid for LBGT Students
See if you're eligible for one of these scholarships.

Lyric, in San Francisco, has all kinds of resources for queer youth and holds an excellent annual conference.

Youth Resource
Lots of resources here for queer youth and pages specifically for lesbians, trans youth, deaf youth and youth of color.

Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network
This is THE place for LGBT teachers and students. Download all you need to start a gay/straight alliance at your school or connect with other youth at the annual Teaching Respect for All conference.

Campus Pride
For GLBT college student leaders, Campus Pride creates community and offers all kinds of resources, from coming out, to living on campus to career and money advice.

Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth
Massachusetts is awesome. They have a gay and lesbian student's rights law. How cool is that? Read more about it at the Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth.

Coping in a Homophobic School Enviornment
A teen is afraid to come out at her homophobic school, so how does she let a girl know she likes her?

Am I Unisex or Asexual?
A teen lesbian wonders if she is asexual or unisex.

Thinking About Being Bisexual
A teen is thinking about being bisexual or lesbian. What is she? Are you bisexual?

Unsupportive Parents
A lesbian teen's mom is unsupportive of her daughter being a lesbian and how she dresses. How can this lesbian teen get her mother to accept her?

Teens Kept Apart by One of Their Mothers
Advice for a teen whose mom is keeping her from her girlfriend.

Teen Lesbian Jealousy
A college lesbian is jealous of her girlfriend's friend. Is this healthy? What can she do about it?

How to respond to the word "fag"
A reader shares how she talked to her brother about his use of the word "fag."

How to Tell if She’s a Lesbian
A teen lesbian has a crush on a classmate and wants to know if there is an easy why to tell if she's a lesbian.

Bi-Curious with Questions

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