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Finding Love with a Woman for the First Time at 50

Share Your Story: How did you meet your partner?

By fury

Where I met my partner?

I met my partner on line.

How we fell in love

We talked online for a couple of months before we talked on the phone. She was such a wonderful woman during these early months of just getting to know each other. I was 50 and finally letting myself find love with a women for the first time. She made this part of my life such an easy step to take. After four months we met for the first time and I was just in heaven. Every step we took was so right, natural, easy, and fun to do. She was everything she said she was and more. I couldn't believe that the first women I met would be the women I would want to spend the rest of my life with. She is everything I could ever dream of in a friend, lover, and life partner.


  • You are never to old to find your soul mate and true love. Let yourself be happy and let yourself be loved.

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